New Releases

SPITPOOL - Inhumane Descent

I, Shapeshifter - V. Confessions

Life Undone - Victory or Valhalla

Dragoncorpse - The Drakketh Saga

Yosemite In Black - No Knock

Misandristic Mutilation - Epoch of Matriarchal Mass Extermination

Our Last Crusade - Death Wins

Yosemite In Black - Bite

Killing in Apathy - Flawless Victory

Gravebirth - Burn Unit

Divinitist - Imitator Ov Deities In False Genesis

Loathsome - Scarlet Bloom


Hanging the Nihilist - Prophetic Blasphemy

Under Red Skies - Fabrication of Hate

Nerve Burner - Emotional Abandonment

Born in Blood - Misery

Inhuman Hands - Moments

Beguiler - Etterath

Hollow Effigy - Silent Cry

Valoria - Dead Languages